Jan 29th - Feb 1st 2015 - Louisville KY

What to Expect
  • First Class Workshops
  • Lots of Social Dancing
  • WSDC Competitions
  • Free Beginner Classes
  • Rising Star Invitational
Your Pro Staff
Mario Robau
Matt & Crystal Auclair
Rebecca Ludwick
Kris Swearingen
Maren Oslac
Jason & Sophy
Doug & Rousar
Jim & Kelli Rainey
Louis Schreiber
Brian Barkauskas

Your DJ's
Tim Johnson
Ron Compton
Toni Carroll
Carpio Robles

Crown Plaza Hotel

  • $99 Rate
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Airport Shuttle

Call 888-233-9527
Ask for Derby City Swing

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Mom's choice award
Win or lose these 4 dancers won $100 each. Why? Because Brian's mom said they each had 'it!' Do you have it?
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DCS is a WSDC Event!


Great workshops!
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FREE Beginner Classes
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